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Meteorite Name: Cleveland
Location: Bradley County, East Tennessee (probably Whitfield County, Georgia)
Classification: III AB Iron
Witnessed Fall: No
Date and Time: Found 1860
TKW: 115 kilograms
I list Cleveland under Georgia meteorites because that is most likely where it was actually found. According to Buchwald's Handbook of Iron Meteorites, a "mass, of 254 pounds, had been found half a mile from [the Dalton, Georgia, meteorite] about the year 1862; it was sent to Cleveland and described by Genth under the name 'Cleveland' (1886)." and "The meager information regarding the circumstances of finding strongly indicate that the Cleveland mass was found only half a mile from the 117 pound Dalton mass which Shepard described. Shepard quoted a letter from his informer, 'A large mass of iron supposed to be a meteorite was found half a mile from this one (Dalton), about the year 1862. It was sent to Cleveland, Tenn., where it appears to have been lost sight of.' The coordinates for Cleveland are thus the same as for Dalton (Shepard mass)." It is extremely likely that Cleveland is, in fact, actually a Georgia meteorite.
Collection Photos
23.777 gram etched end part slice
23.777 gram etched end part slice
George Merrill analysis, page 1
George Merrill analysis, page 2
George Merrill analysis, page 3
George Merrill analysis, page 4

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