Falling Rocks
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Meteorite Name: La Criolla
Location: Argentina
Classification: L6 Chondrite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: January 6, 1985
TKW: ~ 45 kilograms
A brilliant fireball and multiple sonic phenomena were detected associated with this large shower of stones. Many stones were collected from the strewn field, which measured approximately 7 x 10 kilometers. Robert Haag made three trips to the area and collected 42 kilograms of material. Haag's recovery of this fall is well described in O. Richard Norton's Rocks From Space (pages 295 - 297). This specimen was acquired from Haag in 1986 by Jim Schwade and has been part of The (absolutely fantastic) Schwade Meteorite Collection until I acquired it from Jim in late March 2008.
Collection Photos
1288 gram complete individual
1288 gram complete individual
Detail showing Schwade collection number on reverse
Detail showing Schwade collection number on reverse

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