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Meteorite Name: Gujba
Location: Yobe, Nigeria, Africa
Classification: Bencubbinite
Witnessed Fall: Yes
Date and Time: April 3, 1984
TKW: < 15 kilograms
The first witnessed fall of this classification, Gujba might be the most beautiful meteorite of all. A meteorite with signs of orientation fell in a corn field near the village of Bogga Dingare after a bright bolide and detonations were witnessed. The local peoples broke the original mass apart and distributed it; the weight of the original mass is unknown though it is speculated to have been as heavy as ~ 100 kilograms.
Collection Photos
45.5 gram complete slice
45.5 gram complete slice
45.5 gram complete slice (alternate angle)
45.5 gram complete slice (alternate angle)

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